Drought management network for the

Middle East, Mediterranean Region and Central Asia



In 2001, CIHEAM, ICARDA and the FAO set up NEMEDCA, a drought management network whose main purpose is to promote cooperation in this field between countries in the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Central Asian regions.

In 2007, this network was adapted to the new scenario drawn up by the MEDROPLAN project (Mediterranean drought preparedness and mitigation planning), financed by the European Union’s MEDA-Water programme. MEDROPLAN ran from 2003 to 2008 and involved ten partners from six Mediterranean countries. Its main outcome was the publication of the “Drought Management Guidelines”, which provide a methodology for the preparation of proactive drought management plans that could be adapted to different geographical and socio-economic contexts.

When the MEDROPLAN project ended in June 2008, the NEMEDCA network took over the task of ensuring ongoing cooperation on drought and thus enabled members of the MEDROPLAN consortium, together with scientists, stakeholders and officials in other Mediterranean countries, to maintain the cooperative links established through their participation in the programme. Members of the consortium have thus been able to continue sharing experiences and findings.

In 2011, a new project, Improved Drought Early Warning and FORecasting to strengthen preparedness and adaptation to droughts in Africa (DEWFORA), in which IAMZ is a partner has been funded. The principal aim of the DEWFORA proposal is to develop a framework for the provision of early warning and response to mitigate the impact of droughts in Africa.


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