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CIHEAM Zaragoza welcomes a delegation from the EU-Algeria PAP-ENPARD Program

02 November 2018

CIHEAM Zaragoza organized a study visit for an Algerian delegation of experts in rural development from Laghouat, Ain Témouchent and Tlemcen wilayas. PAP-ENPARD enabled delegates to spend a week, from 24 to 28 September, travelling the region of Aragon to learn about the LEADER approach, as well as different projects developed in the rural environment.

The Pilot action programme for rural development and agriculture in Algeria (PAP-ENPARD) is part of the ENPARD initiative (European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development) of the European Commission whose objective is to support neighbouring countries in matters of agriculture and rural policies.

More specifically, the ENPARD initiative aims at supporting the design and implementation of renewed public policies to face the challenges of food security, diversification of rural economies and the improvement of local governance in rural areas.

Therefore, PAP-ENPARD was designed to support the implementation of agricultural and rural development policies in Algeria, whose innovative and proactive approach aims at revitalizing the territories through integrated and sustainable rural development projects and initiatives.

During their visit to Aragon, CIHEAM Zaragoza showed Algerian delegates how local action groups ‘CEDER Somontano‘ and ‘ADECUARA‘ work. They also visited and shared ideas with stakeholders involved in several projects related to the valorization, promotion, and development of agriculture, husbandry, crafts, tourism and landscape.