Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

The UfM Secretariat is the intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean platform where political decisions are implemented and where concrete regional and subregional projects are developed with the support of an extensive network of partners, including governments, international organisations, financial institutions, civil society organisations, universities, foundations and the private sector.

In 2014, the UfM and the CIHEAM signed a cooperation agreement to undertake joint initiatives related to higher education and food security in the EuroMediterranean region. In the framework of this partnership, female students benefited of a women empowering project in the 4 Institutes of the CIHEAM. The First Mediterranean Forum for PhD students and young researchers that took place at the CIHEAM-Montpellier on the 18-19 July 2016 was organised in collaboration with the UfM.

In 2016, the CIHEAM has also contributed with this article "Regional dialogue and knowledge sharing for feeding the Mediterranean’s future" to the publication of the Union for the Mediterranean entitled "Key Players' Perspective on Climate Change in the Mediterranean" 

Press Release

On the 10 of July 2017 in Barcelona, the Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Fathallah Sijilmassi, and the Secretary General of the CIHEAM, Cosimo Lacirignola, discussed new strategic directions aimed at strengthening cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The two organisations will continue to work together to bring forward solutions on issues related to food and nutrition, climate change and women empowerment. With regards to higher education, research and innovation, projects contributing to knowledge waste reduction within the framework of the CIHEAM Strategic Agenda 2025 and UfM Priority Areas could be launched.

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