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The CIHEAM and the FAO have been collaborating on various projects since 1977. Their cooperation was strenghtened in the framework of an agreement signed at the UN agency’s headquarters in Rome on the 8 of January 2009. They agreed to intensify their collaboration in the fields of traditional food, protection of forests, modernisation of irrigation and plant disease management techniques and quarantine measures. 

On the 23 of October 2015, the FAO and the CIHEAM renewed their more than 35-year-old partnership and reaffirmed shared goals to enhance food security, nutrition and sustainable agricultural development in the Mediterranean region, especially through better sharing of ideas, experiences and analyses.

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Mediterra 2016 was co-published by the two organisations.

During the first half-year 2017, the partnership between the CIHEAM and the FAO has been strengthened through the development of several initiatives:

High-level scientific conference on the Red-Palm Weevil

The Secretary General has participated to this conference that was held in Rome on the 6 -10 of February 2017, co-organised by the FAO and the CIHEAM-Bari. This scientific meeting brought together representatives of regulatory authorities and experts from affected countries, international scientists and technology developers involved in the management of the red-palm weevil. The outcome of the scientific consultation will be part of a programme and a multidisciplinary strategy for the management and containment of the red-palm weevil.

Side Event CIHEAM-FAO-EBRD in Meknes

Following the initiative organised in September 2016 in Tirana, the CIHEAM, the FAO and the EBRD held a new Forum for the private sector focusing on issues related to the sustainability of agro-food value chains at the International Agricultural Show that took place in Meknes on the 20 of April 2017 with the support of the Moroccan authorities. 

Visit of the Director General at the CIHEAM-Bari for the end of the academic year

On the 23 June 2017, the Director General of the FAO visited Bari for the end of the academic year. He sent a strong message to the CIHEAM community of students and staff, recalling the several challenges that is are faced by the Mediterranean especially those related to young people. Discussions were also held with the Secretary General of the CIHEAM on all ongoing projects and in particular on South-South cooperation issues.

Platform on migration in the framework of the CAPMED 2025

The CIHEAM wishes to set up a regional initiative with the Mediterranean countries in partnership with the FAO, whose Director-General will co-chair the Global Migration Group (GMG) in 2018, an inter-agency group that promotes dialogue on issues related to migration at international level, and the different institutions concerned, in accordance with the guidelines adopted in the Ministerial Declaration of Tirana.

On the 28 October 2017, on occasion of the World Food Day, the CIHEAM organised the Concert for the Earth to raise awareness among youth on relationship between food security, agriculture and distress migration. This concert was held at the Teatro Petruzzelli in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (FARNESINA) and with the support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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On the 13 October 2017 in Rome, the FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva congratulates the great job of the CIHEAM and quotes the Secretary General, Cosimo Lacirignola during the Italian National Research Council on “Climate, agriculture, migration”.

This important recognition of our activities by the FAO is the result of the dynamic initiated within the framework of the CAPMED2025 (CIHEAM ACTION PLAN FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN) and following the CIHEAM 11th Ministerial Meeting in Tirana (22 September 2016) which focused on the root causes of distress migration from the point of view of agricultural development and food security.

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