AGREENIUM French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry, and Veterinary Sciences

The CIHEAM has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with AGREENIUM in Paris on the 22 of June 2016.

Agreenium is an organisation devoted to cooperation in the fields of research, training and development in agrobiosciences to respond to national and international challenges.

The CIHEAM has signed an MoU with Agreenium in Paris on the 22 June 2016. Revolving around four axes, this agreement is aimed to:

1) Enhance mobility of students and researchers of the two organisations.
2) Develop collaborations and synergies on the ground including the set up of distance training modules or the organisation of thematic workshops.
3) Build a sustainalbe partnership to support the digital transformation and the pedagocial transition in higher education.
4) Contribute to the debate on the challenges of Mediterranean agriculture.

For more information, download the press release.

The 38th CIHEAM Watchletter entitled "Rural innovation and digital revolution in agriculture" is published in collaboration with Agreenioum. In the framework of the launch of this issue, the CIHEAM and Agreenium are organising a debate at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris on the 28 February 2017.