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Big data techniques and applications in the agri-food system

12 March 2019

From 17 to 21 June 2019, CIHEAM Zaragoza will be organizing an advanced course for professionals on big data techniques and applications in the agri-food system. The course will involve international expert lecturers and is organized together with ICARDA.

The volume of available data has doubled in the past five years. This is creating new opportunities for business and science alike, and can assist the agrifood system to create more powerful processes. This course offers an applied approach covering the whole agrifood system from primary production to food consumption. Combining face-to-face learning with practical work, debate, and real world examples of business and science success stories, the course is a unique opportunity to network with professionals from other countries and learn about the analytical techniques that can be applied to big data, including traditional statistical methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Dates: 17-21 June 2019

Venue: IAMZ-CIHEAM, Zaragoza (Spain)

Organizers: IAMZ-CIHEAM and ICARDA.

More information: http://edu.iamz.ciheam.org/BigData/en/