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New MSc programme to train future policy makers, leaders and researchers in sustainable water management and governance

25 March 2020

Water is a natural resource that requires careful management to ensure its availability and quality for future generations. In order to face the challenges of water management and governance we need to work in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner, involving hydrological, biophysical, economic, institutional, regulatory, policymaking and planning efforts.

This new international Master programme builds on CIHEAM’s 50 years of solid training experience in the area of water, environment, agriculture and economics. It has an innovative, multidisciplinary focus aimed to equip future water professionals with the blend of skills necessary to make a significant contribution to sustainable water management and governance both in agriculture as well as in natural environments.

Developed in partnership with leading organisations in the water sector, this MSc programme offers an integrated and applied approach with lectures and practicals, individual and team study and work, and technical visits. It is a truly international and multicultural experience and a unique opportunity to network with professionals from other countries and generate the necessary knowledge and capabilities to prepare you for a successful and rewarding career.

For more information, visit the Master's website: http://www.masterwatermanagement.com/