New advanced course: Managing disease at the wildlife-livestock interface

02 November 2018

From 26-30 November 2018, IAMZ-CIHEAM will be organizing an advanced course for professionals on “Managing disease at the wildlife-livestock interface”. The course will involve international expert lecturers and is coorganized with Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, through the General Directorate of Agricultural Production Health.

There is a growing recognition of the potential importance of pathogen transmission at the wildlife-livestock interface in the epidemiology of diseases that impact on agriculture, human health and biodiversity. In our rapidly changing world the interface between human and wildlife populations has been profoundly modified by human activity. Effective management of disease risks at the wildlife-livestock interface should be sustainable, based on sound epidemiological and ecological knowledge, and must balance the requirements for preserving biodiversity, protecting human health and social and economic well-being.

This week long course will consist of 40 hours of expert training and will include 10 hours of practical work as well as case studies and modelling sessions. The course has been designed for professionals involved in disease prevention and control in livestock or/and wildlife in either the private or public sector, such as competent authorities in animal health services and regulatory bodies, veterinarians, livestock farmers, wildlife managers, technical advisors and researchers.

Dates: 26-30 November 2018
Venue: IAMZ-CIHEAM, Zaragoza (Spain)
Organizers: IAMZ-CIHEAM and Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


For more information visit the course website.