Career opportunities in the European agrifood sector

05 April 2019

The agrifood sector extends beyond the farm gates to include a wide range of farm- and food-related industries, from IT, sales, marketing, logistics, engineering to food product design and development, nutrigenomics or winery management, the range of jobs under the umbrella of food and agriculture is broader than ever before; it is an employment market that is now full of opportunities.

Organized by IAMZ-CIHEAM and the University of Zaragoza, the Open Day event is designed to showcase what the agrifood sector has to offer and is targeted to undegraduates and young professionals who wish to pursue a career in the agro-food industry, a vibrant and dynamic sector that accounts for 10% of the GDP in Spain.

IAMZ Director, Javier Sierra, will welcome participants to the Open Day event and will introduce education and training career options at IAMZ-CIHEAM (MSc in Animal Nutrition and Agrifood Marketing). Speakers from renowned firms from the sector will address students and discuss employment opportunities, professional profiles and new trends in a globalized market. This year’s speakers are Laura Cortel (Mercadona), Jorge G. de Opazo (Integral Media & Huerta Digital), Carmen Martín de Lara (NANTA-NUTRECO), Eduardo Berges (DSM Iberia) and Carmelo Led (Grupo Pastores).

Following the presentations and round table, there will be a reception for all attendees and speakers. Registration is free by filling in the following form before 12 April 2019: https://bit.ly/2ulfDYq

For more information on the event: Open Day event.